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письма · мыслям

клука ма

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* * *
When the streets are filled with sadness,
Shadows walk up on your face,
Feel this absolute one endless
Dark and gloomy human grace.
When the rain drops slide with anger,
Rushing dirt out of your mind,
Feel this touch of power gender,
Ancient streams from far behind.

Put your dream in misty wish-well,
Keep your glory burn undone,
Take this dark and justfull moonspell.
Slave of puppets raise with sun.

When the city sleeps in madness,
Children suffer in white-lies,
Feel the fight with sounds in deafness,
Sharing force with your allies.
When the rivers shine with danger,
Forests howl with rage and fear,
Take the spirit of avenger
With black eyes and Odins spear.

Drown your wish in misty wish-well,
Keep false glory burn undone,
Take this dark and justfull moonspell,
Slave of puppets drown, drown, drown.
* * *
* * *
On Январь, 2, 2005 13:41 (UTC), van_raven commented:
С Новым Годом, любимый :-)
Да прибудет с тобой сила, братик
* * *

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