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стихи давние :) еще школьные...

"Apple tree"
So many ways of living
And none of them for me.
I keep on with my dreaming
To plant an apple tree.
Abilities, advices...
And none of them to use.
All rules become my vices-
To take them I refuse.
So many ways of making
This world to change my fate,
But all I do is shaking
My head with words "to late".
The only right assumption -
That stile of my life
Is some kind of a function
Of beef under the knife.
So many ways of feeling
The happiness inside...
But all of them are killing
New rival to live wide.
Necessity and duty
In even smallest thing…
My angels loose their beauty
With every cut off wing.
So many ways are chosen,
So many ways are free...
But where is mine to go on,
To plant an apple tree?

“The angels”
All I need is tender
And little part of fear.
Fear that the tender
Will certain disappear.
Nothing really changes,
Nothing goes away:
All I see are angels,
Same angels every day.
All I need – variety
In gloomy style of life,
A different society,
New rivals for my strife.
Nothing gives an answer,
Nothing asks me “why?”…
Why I see the angels
That never-never fly?
All I need is lover,
New winds, new roads,
new friends,
The freedom to discover
Eternity that ends.
Nothing that disturbs me,
Nothing but this thought:
Where are now the angels,
The angels I forgot?
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On Апрель, 28, 2006 20:04 (UTC), dream_light replied:
классе в 10 писал.
сам :)
я если и выкладываю чужое творчество - только с ссылкой на автора.
а знанрия особого не нужно - нужно вдохновение и желание выразить :)
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